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This research is supported by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Partnerships in Implementing Patient Safety, Grant #:  1 U18 HS015846-01.  The contents of this product are the sole responsibility of Denver Health Medical Center and do not necessarily represent the official view of or imply endorsement by AHRQ or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Toolkit Overview

This toolkit is part of the ongoing work of our project to improve communication and patient safety at Denver Health Medical Center. We anticipate that health care providers and health care organizations will be able to use the techniques included here to improve patient safety and team communication in their own settings.  We have provided downloadable tools and instructions where possible.  The two major sections of the Implementation Toolkit are: 


  • The Education Guide provides a plan for the education and integration of communication & teamwork factors into clinical practice and includes the following subsections:
    • Teaching Resources
      • Fast Talks
      • Champion Role
      • SBAR Communication Forms
      • Visual Reminders
      • PowerPoint Presentation
      • Web-based Training
    • Education Concepts
      • Structured Communication
      • Psychological Safety & Assertion
      • Critical Language
  • The Communication Tools section provides a description for each of the following tools along with provisions for implementation:
    • Multidisciplinary Rounding
    • Huddles
    • Rapid Response and Escalation
    • Structured Communication

Given that our project is ongoing, we are constantly updating the information as it becomes available, so please check back to see our exciting new developments or you can sign up in our Guestbook to receive email updates.


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